Monday, June 19th

1. Plein Air Painting event with the Des Moines Social Club

Use your creative skills to paint a canvas to be displayed at the Des Moines Social Club.  You pick up your canvas on Friday and have the weekend to paint a scene in the Des Moines area.  All of the completed works will be displayed in the show Monday June 9th in the Viaduct Gallery.   Note: There will be a small supply fee for participation.  Additional Details to be announced.   What is Plein Air Painting?  We are happy you asked.. use this helpful link to get up to speed.

2. DMAF Curated - Mars Cafe May 8 - June 21

Silent Rivers will be hosting a curated gallery with some of the DMAF featured artists at Mars Cafe. Artists convene at the Des Moines Arts Festival from diverse places and backgrounds. We initiate this inaugural group show with a selection of 10 artists that explore a sense of place, but from various perspectives. Whether delving into individual or cultural memory, or accentuating the physical context for individual or community narrative, these artists reflect up our collective relationship within built space, the fabric of our homes, neighborhoods, towns and city. 

3. Des Moines City Ride 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Join Des Moines City Ride for a special Art Week bicycle ride. Meet us at the Des Moines Social Club to check out the Plein Aire Reception and Auction. At 6:15pm we'll hop on our bikes and ride through Water Works Park to the Art Center, where docent Mia Farrell will do a brief 15 minute talk on one of the outdoor sculptures. We'll make our way back downtown, and end with an after party hosted by Art Terrarium! Screen print your very own City Ride t-shirt, with help from The Side Garage, and have a drink while exploring Art Terrarium's unique collection of art, pottery, and plants.

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