Columbus Park neighborhood collage

Do you live, work, attend school, or have historical or familial connections to the Columbus Park Neighborhood? 

If you answered “yes,” you’re invited to contribute photographs to be used in a neighborhood-wide photographic collage! 

Des Moines based artist Brittany Brooke Crow is partnering with the Columbus Park Neighborhood to create a collaborative wheat paste collage. The collage will feature your photographs and span multiple walls throughout the neighborhood. All contributors will be credited digitally and at the unveiling celebration on June 9 as part of Art Week Des Moines.

Submission deadline: May 15

Two ways to participate today…

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Upcoming Scanning Parties

Do you have physical photographs that you would like to submit, but do not have digital copies for? 

Join a scanning party! 

Check back soon for updates on scheduled events. The artist will also post updates via her Instagram @brittanybrookecrow.

Scanning parties will give you the opportunity to have your photographic prints, film negatives and slides professionally scanned. In addition to their use in the neighborhood collage, you will be given a copy of the digital file for your personal use. This is a great opportunity to digitize your images for free!*

*Scanning will be limited to images with a connection to the Columbus Park neighborhood.

Unveiling Celebration

Sunday, June 9, 1-4 p.m.

Save the date and stay tuned for more details including the announced location!

Sign up for updates here.


Who can contribute?

You may submit photographs to the project if you: 

  • live, work, or attend school in the neighborhood
  • grew up in the neighborhood or have other family that grew up in the neighborhood
  • have connections to the historic Italian-American Cultural Center.

How will the photographs be displayed?

All of the photographs will be converted to black and white, then printed and adhered to exterior walls located in the Columbus Park neighborhood through a process known as “wheat paste.”

What is wheat paste?

Wheat paste is made of flour and water, similar to a gravy. It has historically been used as an advertising tactic by musicians, event organizers, community members and activists. It has also been used by visual artists to share images quickly and easily. One may compare it to a less-permanent style of graffiti. Wheat paste can adhere to just about any surface. Unlike spray paint, wheat paste removal involves soap and water and the occasional use of a power washer on a low setting (so as not to damage the wall itself).

Where will the photographs be displayed?

Brittany Brooke Crow is in the process of securing walls in the Columbus Park neighborhood. So far, Graziano Brothers have allocated one of their red brick walls (don’t worry, we won’t be covering their mural!). If you have a wall that you’d like to contribute for use in the project, please email the artist:

What connection does the artist Brittany Brooke Crow have to our neighborhood?

While Brittany Brooke Crow does not have a direct connection to the neighborhood, she grew up on the south side of Des Moines and attended Lovejoy Elementary School through third grade. Most of her family has historically lived, worked and attended school on the southside. After applying for the Art Week Des Moines Fellowship, members of the Columbus Park neighborhood selected Crow’s project as a way of activating the neighborhood during art week.

For more information about Art Week Des Moines, click here.

For more information about the artist, visit her website, Instagram or Facebook page.

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Feel free to send any additional questions directly to the artist by email: