These are the questions that are frequently asked of our team.

The goal is to broaden the offering of events happening in Des Moines and to raise awareness of the incredible talents and offerings in Des Moines. Over time, groups may think of creative ways to tie in other visual arts, performance arts, design, fashion, etc. The variety of events will provide interesting subject matter for a wide range of participants. 

Other cities have proven that leveraging existing festivals into larger citywide events has merit across many levels of the city (ie. lollapalooza, Art Basel Miami, various food festivals, etc.). This successful use of coordinated events can be replicated in Des Moines around the existing art community. By coordinating events throughout the week and across multiple venues, visitors may be encouraged to arrive in Des Moines early or stay longer. Local residents may find new avenues to experience the arts in Des Moines. Smaller events will benefit by coordinating their event with the Art Week Des Moines calendar. Existing large events will benefit from increased exposure and the opportunity to expand the overall options throughout the week without incurring additional cost or time for management and coordination.

Venues and organizations are encouraged to participate to benefit the Des Moines population by creating a diverse offering of events to appeal to a broad range of people.

Each event sponsor will be allowed to determine a structure that is best for their target audience. Some events may be private for employees or members - ie. Des Moines Art Center. Other events at galleries might be open to the public or to VIP ticket holders. Some organizations may find these events to be excellent opportunities to gain new members or raise funds for other programming.

There is not a cost to hold an Art Week Event!

Each host covers the cost of their own event but there isn't a direct cost to participate in Art Week Des Moines. The budget for the organization will come from private sponsorship, advertising outside of the participating events or direct donation from other organizations.

Some organizations may decide to charge for participants to attend their event. Please let Art Week know the details so we can clearly communicate this to participants to avoid surprises.

Yes, It really is that simple. Just let us know about your event so we can help spread the word and add your event to the growling list of Art Week venues.

Each event is organized and controlled by the location or group hosting the event. The Art Week team will assist in getting contact information on the website for each of the events. For any event with limiited space, please be sure to contact the venue ahead of time to check availability and the need for reservations for restaurant events.

Attending an Art Week event is the most important thing you can do! Please be sure to thank the many venue owners who are working hard to create interesting and vibrant options for the Des Moines community

Participating events hosts must request to be included in the Art Week Des Moines event list through the organization website. The event will be reviewed and provided additional documentation to provide logos, artwork and additional event details. Each event will agree to general conditions to ensure smooth communication throughout the week. For promotional purposes, events will allow Art Week Des Moines to use their logos and event information on website, printed materials and other social media outlets.

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