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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Have you ever noticed odd places “somewhere in Des Moines” worth a photograph? Would you share those moments with us?

Tatiana Gia - “creator” of #somewhereindesmoines film photography - and Limited Space teamed up to give us this opportunity. They created a photo contest during the Art Week Opening Reception Limited Space III (

This FB event is the place to participate in the photo contest and enter your favorite #somewhereindesmoines photos.

Criteria of acceptance should be inspired by the #somewhereindesmoines photo style. To become familiar with the style, check:
- Instagram: @Tatianagia photos or follow the hashtag: #somewhereindesmoines
- Tumblr:

Read more about the photo contest's rules below:

- Submitted photos must strictly be located in Des Moines, IA
- Photos can be digital or analog, color, or B&W.
- Photos must NOT contain any controversial materials at any time.

1) Post your photos on the FB event page to enroll in the contest – Max 5/person
2) Each entry must include: A location (street name in Des Moines), a day of the week and time as the title (i.e.: Photo taken on SW 9th St. on a Tuesday, 4.35pm)
3) Entries deadline: June 17th, midnight.

Tatiana, the juror, will 1) review all the submissions posted on FB carefully on Monday, June 17th, 2) will select the best one 3) will create a master slideshow containing the best-accepted entries that will be projected at the Art Week opening reception Limited Space III.

During Limited Space III Art Week opening reception, three (3) winners will be announced near 9pm. Winners must be present at the event to collect the awards.

- Best of the show: A large print ( ) + a set of postcard
- 2nd price: A medium size print ( ) + 2 postcards of choice
- 3rd price: A small size print ( ) + 1 postcard of choice

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