Tips for approaching a small business for a pop up during Art Week Des Moines

Advice for artists and businesses

A pop up can take many forms and be an inspiring challenge to think how you can be a surprise element in a space designed for another purpose. Because each day of Art Week Des Moines is focused on a different neighborhood, this is an opportunity to bring arts experiences into non traditional spaces. 


  • Scope out businesses that you would be excited to partner with
  • Imagine how your work could be displayed/performed in their space
  • Set goals that you wanna reach from the pop to help guide your pitch

Approaching a small business for a pop up is a good way to inform them of what’s happening in their neighborhood as well as help them join in the city-wide arts celebration.


  • Inquire if they are familiar with hosting pop ups, how have they done them before?
  • Determine who you can talk to that can give permission for the pop up
  • Use the leverage Art Week lego to fill them in on the week long celebration
  • Summarize your pop up idea in writing so they can understand your plan
  • Make sure they know that Art Week generates traffic (and spend!) for businesses 

Send your pitch to Art Week through the contact form if you would like feedback on your pitch. We are happy to help brainstorm your ask and make recommendations of who to reach out to in the participating neighborhoods. 

How to host an artist in your business for Art Week

If this is your first time participating in Art Week and want to partner with an artist, you can share your interest in hosting an artist in the Ham Sandwich Facebook group, our Art Week planning community. 

Review the consideration checklist for planning the pop up with an artist, ensuring you have consensus and transparency around the project, expectations, timing, and space.

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